Wool Mills of Dolgellau

The Woollen Industry in Dolgellau

As a schoolboy, I learnt enough about the woollen industry in Yorkshire, the dark satanic mills, James Hargreaves and the Spinning Jenny and its place in the industrial revolution without knowing the important part that Dolgellau played in that industry. Even though we had history on our doorstep we looked elsewhere. I don’t believe that it’s changed that much unfortunately. 

As a child, I knew of Ffatri Fawr, Pandy’r Odyn and Pandy Bach and played in Coed y Pandy without realizing the significance of these names. The names remain, but the once proud buildings lie in ruins and the hustle and bustle of their industry is long forgotten. This was the industry that gave Dolgellau its wealth to develop as a town.


In a meeting of the Dolgellau Town Council in November 2018 it was decided to set up a group to consider the possibilities of what can be done to preserve our industrial heritage. Can we ensure that these buildings decay no more? Can we in some form bring their importance to the attention of the public? Let’s hope so.


Councillor Ywain Myfyr


Ffati'r Aberneint




Ffati'r Wenallt



Melin Y Pandy