Council Training Plan

The council has a statutory duty under section 67 of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 to make a plan setting out what it proposes to do to address the training needs of its councillors and staff. The purpose of the training plan is designed to ensure that collectively, councillors and staff, possess the knowledge and awareness needed for the council to operate effectively. 


Course Who When
The Council All Councillors ASAP
The Councillor All Councillors & Clerk ASAP
The Council as an Employer Personnel Commitee Members ASAP
Understanding the Law All Councillors ASAP
The Council Meeting All Councillors & Clerk ASAP
Local Government Finance Clerk and Finance Committee ASAP
Health & Safety Environment Biodiversity Amenities ASAP
Introduction to Community Engagement Clerk Chair and one other ASAP
Code of Conduct All Councillors ASAP
Chairing Skills Chair and Vice Chair ASAP
Community/Place Planning If Required When Required
Community Engagement Part 2 Clerk Chair and one other ASAP
Equality & Diversity All Personnel Committee ASAP
Information Management All Councillors ASAP
Use of IT Websites & Social Media Clerk ASAP
Making Effective Grant Applications Clerk ASAP
Devolution of Services /CAT If Required ASAP
Effective Staff Management Clerk and All Personnel Committee Members When Required





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